Chess – Beginner 1.0

About The Course

This class is a 10 class camp to get your child introduced to the Chess world, learn basic tactics, apply problem-solving techniques, and prepare them to start participating in the tournaments. Provides a structured, step by step method to guided learning using Video lessons, highly engaging instructional videos, and challenging puzzles. This program is for those learning how to play Chess for the very first time. The lessons are designed to get you started with the rules & objectives.

Age Group

  • 8 Years and Above
  • This class is perfect for beginners who don’t have any knowledge of chess.

Key Takeaways for students

  • Basics of Chess
  • Understanding the board and Movement of pieces
  • Castling and its rules
  • Check & Checkmate
  • Types of draw
  • Notations
  • Basic strategy

Materials required during the workshop

  • A Chess Board

Start Time

9:00 am

September 5, 2020

Finish Time

10:00 am

September 5, 2020