Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions to ask? We have tried to cover a broad range of questions below. Feel free to write to us if you are still looking for something specific.


We are an EdTech platform that empowers individuals in discovering their career options from a range of non-academic courses.
We offer courses on a range of topics like singing, dancing, sketching, marshal arts, climate change,etc.
Most of the courses are taught live. However, we also have various pre-recorded content that can be watched multiple times.
Our internal course curation team continuously tracks the kind of courses that are in demand, and further evaluates the prospects for new enrolments into it.
Absolutely! Our security levels ensure your data is private and secure with us.
Yes, 100%! However, while we ensure that we put the best course content, it is an equal responsibility on your part that the student offers their best effort during the entire learning programme.
Yes, there are plenty! You can access them through the courses section.
We cover everything from basics to advanced. We have affiliate partner institutes that we can collaborate with to offer professional level training around the world
No! Such cost (if any) has to be borne by the student additionally.
Oh yes, we can send across the equipment needed for a particular course to you. It can be purchased from the E-Commerce section on our website.

Purchases & Refunds

We currently access all major credit cards, net banking, and UPI payments.
At this point, we are not accepting international credit cards, however, you can write to us and we will send you a payment link separately in your preferred currency.
You can get a refund up to 24 hrs of buying the course or 2 days before the course starts.

Making Courses

The coaches are professional subject matter experts having significant experience in their fields.
We are very particular about the kind of content that is taught through our platform. Our content control team ensures that the background checks are done for every coach before they are onboarded.
Yes, some of the coaches do offer 1-1 classes.

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