Privacy Policy (the “Site” or “Platform”) is an online platform that enables individuals to enroll themselves or their children for learning various non-academic and academic courses to develop existing or new skills (the “Services”). Services can be rendered in both recorded and live forms; and can be taught in one-on-one or group sessions. 

With immense advancement in technology and growth in the digital ecosystem, Privacy is a very important factor for us. We lay significant emphasis on taking care of the privacy of every individual – Parents, Children and Coaches (the “User” or “You”) at all times. This Privacy Policy sets forth various important terms towards collection, usage, storage and sharing of information collected from Users and visitors of the Site. 

When You visit the Site or avail Services provided by the Site, it is understood that you have acknowledged and agreed to terms of our Privacy Policy and all amendments to it from time to time. The Site reserves the right to update or amend the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. All Users are encouraged to be updated with the latest policy by reviewing it from time to time.

Collection of Information

When You visit the Site or use our Services, we may collect and store certain information attributed to identify You. Some of the information collected are as mentioned below:

Data provided by you on the Site

  • Name
  • Contact Details – mobile number/e-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • Billing address 
  • Payment details – debit/credit card or any other mode
  • Class recordings – audio/video 
  • School details
  • Profile photo
  • Projects completed and shared on the Platform
  • Reviews shared on courses, topics or coaches 
  • Details of members referred (through a contact-share method or individual references)
  • Any other information shared voluntary by you in the profile or comments section

Passive data collected automatically 

During your visit on our Site or usage of our Services, we might also receive certain data points automatically that might be stored in our servers. We may store and use such data or similar data as collected/owned by our authorized third parties – including but not limited to service providers, business partners, business consultants or business affiliates. Some of the data points collected automatically are as mentioned below – 

  • Social media information (when You sign in with a social account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google)
  • Browser details
  • Device type
  • IP address
  • Time zone

We may use such data points with other data points for various analytics/reporting such as identifying the traffic on our Site, evaluating number of visitors to our Site or to individual pages on various sections on our Site, country of traffic origin and domain details of our visitors’ Internet service providers.

By providing us with the above mentioned data, it is understood that you have given us the consent to collect, share, save and use the date in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You also acknowledge and agree that the data will be stored may be stored physically or digitally and can be moved to various other locations or servers of or any other third parties as authorized by us. 

Any feedback on our Services or data in the form of videos, projects or reviews shared by You on our Platform or elsewhere regarding our Services will be collected and managed as per the terms of our Privacy Policy. You also acknowledge and authorize the Site to further share this content/data to other users through the Platform, or social media platforms or any other Platform that is accessed by other users to identify and evaluate the offerings of a brand. The intent of sharing this data by us will purely be to disclose and publish encouraging performance/results and help other Users identify the development opportunity by taking our Services.

We also “Cookies”, which is the information hosted by our systems and shared with your browser while you visit the Site. These Cookies help us offer extra functionalities and also help us analyze the traffic, usage and time metrics of our Site in a detailed manner. 

You may refer to the help section on your browser to know more on receiving notifications when you receive new cookies or to turn of the cookies. It is highly recommended to keep the Cookies “turned on” as they allow you to benefit from our features and functionalities while you use our Services on our Site.

Usage of Information

We might use the information provided by You for various purposes, including but not limited to –

  • Identifying You as a visitor/user
  • To maintain an independent account for You
  • Sharing information through e-mail/ messages/calls
  • Sharing updates and information through newsletters if you have subscribed
  • Offering Services – all or personalized 
  • Giving you access to some of the locked sections of our Site
  • Help you use our advanced customer service
  • Processing payment towards Services that you wish to obtain
  • Sending you invoices, payment confirmation and other Service related information
  • Better understanding the traffic on our Site and user-specific usage track
  • Understand and evaluate usage behavior and trends on the Platform
  • Track the performance of students and coaches
  • Comply with relevant applicable laws and regulations

We may also send you personalized or general promotional materials related to our Services, ongoing offers, new additions to courses, onboarding new coaches, expanding our range of offerings and so on. In case you wish to stop receiving such e-mails, you may unsubscribe to them by selecting the “Unsubscribe” option in those e-mails or by writing a note to our customer support desk. Our team will ensure that the task is taken care of for you.

The recordings of our sessions might be shared with coaches to give them a feedback about the course, curriculum, teaching pattern, emphasis on few topics and so on. This is aimed towards contributing on an ongoing basis to ensure that we keep improvising and developing content for the betterment of all participants. We may also share the feedback/review shared by participants/students/parents with coaches and other authorized parties to contribute towards betterment of our Services in the long run.

Storage of Information

All information shared by you either voluntarily or passively will be stored on our secure systems and servers. We take utmost care in protecting or users’ data just like we protect our data. Our team members and business associates always conform to various standard confidentiality clauses in our agreements with them, both written and oral.

Data Security

We lay utmost importance in keeping the Personal Information of all our Users secure. Using internet to identify and share data is not 100% secure – We do our best to ensure that there are strict protocols to protect them. 

Some of the measures taken to protect data and identify include –

  • Data is stored in a safe and secure environment (both physically and on the servers)
  • Only employees, service providers and other third party representatives have access to the data, on a strictly need-to-know and need-to-use basis
  • All confidential information related to payment to avail the Services are protected as per the best industry practices

Despite our data security protocols in place, We do not accept liability for disclosures or misuses that are beyond our control. Apart from the measures taken by us, it is your equal responsibility to safeguard your account credentials. You are strictly advised to keep your passwords confidential and never share it with others. Violation to this may lead to exposure of your Personal Information. Also, You must ensure the security of your laptop, computer or mobile device through which you avail our Services.

Link to other Websites

This Privacy Policy only applies to the Services rendered by 

Our Site might contain links to other third-party websites that are not owned, controlled or operated by us. Usage of services from those websites are not controlled and governed by the Privacy Policy of Glorii. When you visit on any of those websites by clicking on the links shared, you acknowledge and agree that the actions taken are your complete responsibility and we are not liable under any circumstance. We suggest You to read their Privacy Policy to understand the way they capture and use various type of information.

Policy Changes 

The Privacy Policy published here will be in effect, till the time any changes are made to it. In case of any updates or changes, the revised policy will be in effect from the date of it getting published.

We reserve the complete right to change this Policy from time to time. You are advised to revisit and review the Privacy Policy periodically to familiarize yourself with the latest amendments. Your continued use of the Services indicates your acceptance and agreement to any changes.

In case of any significant material changes to this Privacy Policy, we shall notify the Users by mentioning it on our website or sending e-mails to the registered e-mail addresses.

Contact Details

Please feel free to get in touch with us in case You have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy.

You may send an email on to reach our Grievance Officer – Mr. Mr. Vaibhav Kothari.